Your volunteers

What is Engage?

  • A multi-genre volunteer platform that simplifies event scheduling and filling roles.
  • Engage rewards volunteers for every event they sign up for with points and activity-specific achievements (Like theatre or sports).

Why Engage?

  • Idea comes from shortage of volunteers in community theatre, but applies to many genre’s of volunteerism.
  • A desire to contribute to the community by making things easier and recognizing each contribution.

How does it work?

  • Organizations create a profile and are then able to post their events
    (such as a play in community theatre or a swim meet)
  • Accessible through a web portal (for schedulers) as well as devices.
  • Org can then send out a call directly to users who sign up autonomously for roles like driver, usher, cast, chaperone.
  • Volunteers create a profile and then search for opportunities via event name, date, or organization.
    • Addresses commonly stated issue where volunteers don’t know what’s going on, when, etc.

Nuts and bolts

  • Works similar to audition signups
    • Events show openings for each day, organized by time. Volunteers just click to sign up, then are confirmed by the Org for the slot.
  • Each event can be seen by all, or select (such as a member BBQ) by using audience viewing settings
  • Built-in scheduler makes creating an event easy
  • Org can create default event templates to re-use
    • Theatre E.g.: 3 ushers every show, start 30min before, 1 Prop head, Lights, Sound, Run is from Th-Sat 7:30pm 1st week, Wed-Sat 7:30pm 2nd week plus a matinee 2nd Sat at 2pm. Cast list auto-populates from Wikipedia.
  • Rewards are built-in

Rewards and Recognition

  • Two-tiered:
    • Points and achievements to keep people coming back
  • Achievements for specific activities (promotes repeated volunteering)
    • “Every day I’m Usherin’” achievement for ushering 4 shows
    • “Driving Miss Daisy” achievement for 3 consecutive driving slots
  • Points earned for each event
    • E.g.: 2 points each time someone volunteers to usher whole play
    • E.g.: 1 point for each event chaperoned
  • Points unlock other things like Trivia

When will it be available?

  • Design stage is complete
  • Website url has been obtained (
  • Web design and construction is in progress
  • Beta testing of closed system projected for end of March 2016
  • Limited (by invitation) rollout target is late summer 2016

Who are we?

Marcus Kage

Kurt Archer

Mark Hoult

Mission Statement

Engage wants to improve volunteer retention by providing organizations with a system that makes scheduling and rewarding their volunteers easy and convenient for everyone. Our services are free because we are volunteers ourselves and know that money is tight in volunteer organizations.